[ stæk fɪlm ]

We ensure that your products or your services can be differentiated better from those of your competitors.

That is why we combine management consulting and film production into a holistic process.

Stackfilm ...?

  In photography, due to the limited depth of field, it is hardly possible to focus all levels. The focus is placed on a certain image area, other image areas move out of focus and are shown blurred.


With a digital method it is possible to combine images with different focal planes to form an overall image on which every area is sharply depicted. This method is called "focus stacking".

Similar to this method, we focus on a selected communication goal for every film:

Your product, you as a person, your employees, your vision.


A film that packs all the information and (too) many goals together will overwhelm or bore your target group. Only the variety of several short films will give your customers an image of your company.

Instead of a long (and boring) image film, we will produce short but exciting films - and above all a well thought-out strategy. In this way we can not only ensure that the target group is interested in watching the film until the end. We can also deliver each film to the appropriate target group and measure the success of each film.



Constantin Müller

owner and CEO

Stackfilm GmbH

Born 1990 in Heppenheim, I completed an apprenticeship as a media designer at ZDF from 2010 to 2013 (graduation 1.0 with special distinction) and then worked initially as a cutter, as a camera assistant, and later as Director of Photography for SWR.


In 2017 I was able to complete my B.A. degree in "Timebased Media" (focus: direction and dramaturgy) at the University of Applied Sciences, Mainz, which I supplemented in the following years with an M.A. degree in Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences RheinMain. Since 2016 I have been a member of the examination committee for media designers and since 2018 lecturer for "Media Technology" at the University of Applied Sciences RheinMain.


The films I have produced have been shown at more than 60 festivals worldwide (Asia, USA, Europe) and have been awarded more than 30 times (among others with "Predicate particularly valuable"). The "Detusche Filmbewertungsstelle" named the film “Alzheimer” as “short of the month”, the SWR honored me for special camera work, and in Los Angeles I received two shorts awards for the film “Mia and the Owl”.


I was involved in more than 200 productions (including for ARD / SWR / ZDF), and was the responsible director for more than 30 films.



After studying theology, philosophy and public communication at the Jesuit University St. Georgen in Frankfurt am Main (1989-1993), I already dealt with the question of how to communicate with content. In my doctorate I examined the intended effect on the recipient. "Provocation of selective perception", "storytelling" and "persuasive speech" are currently the "modern" terms that were the subject of my investigations and considerations during the time of my dissertation (1994-1997).

I was able to learn the "tools of communication" during my studies and in the first years of my professional career as a presenter, editor and later editorial manager on radio and television. For "conception, implementation and moderation" I was awarded with the "International Radio Award in Gold" in 1998 in New York with more than a thousand participants.

Couldn't I make my contribution to teach managers how they could sell themselves better in the application process? I was confronted with this request in 1996 and - initially parallel to my work in radio and television - performed this task as a (freelance) consultant, before I founded the company "Vogel & Detambel" with Hans Rainer Vogel in January 2000 and myself since then deal with this task.

With more than 1,700 top executives in the last 20 years, I have worked out what defines them and what sets them apart from other managers and made them effective in the hiring process. Since I compare every manager with all other managers, it is easy for me to recognize, formulate and articulate very quickly what is "special" about the respective person. And it does not matter whether it is about assigning top managers to a new professional position help (Inverse Headhunting / Vogel & Detambel) or show something special in moving pictures (Stackfilm GmbH): It's always about making the unique visible.

Dr. Daniel Detambel

owner and CEO

Stackfilm GmbH




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