The unique


...can be identified and represented in the product or service itself or in the people behind it.


          „That's what I stand for with my name.“ 


This is what made Claus Hipp famous. Since 1990 he has appeared on German television with this sentence for many years and vouched for the quality of his products. He, as a person, gave mothers and fathers a promise according to the motto: “You can rely on my baby food in terms of ingredients and quality. Everything is right! Only the best for the most valuable in your life: For your child! "

Director of Photography Lars Brauer shows "the special things"


Claus Hipp became world famous, the company developed splendidly over decades in terms of sales and profitability. Claus Hipp has succeeded in giving a basically interchangeable product (baby food) a face.


Life is exciting. Seldom the big stories, but the little things that make a person special. But these only show up if you look very closely. And when one is able to recognize something special for what it is.

Manager-Film über Fabian Hannen
Manager-Film über Fabian Hannen


Our conviction is: The more viewers are interested in the film and the more viewers become customers, the more the film has paid off! For us the customer benefit is the most important We want to give your customers good reasons to buy your and not your competitors products or services.



Over 33 million minutes of video material is uploaded to YouTube every day.

We concern with the question of how to stand out in the media jungle.


That is why we produce eye-catching, creative commercial films for medium-sized businesses. With stories that stay in mind. Stories from life that create emotionality and communicate the value of your product or service in such a way that they proven stay longer in the viewers mind.

Still from "Mia and the owl", an multiple award-winning movie of C. Müller

Manager-Film über Fabian Hannen
Werbefilm für Hospiz- und PalliativVerband




We offer our editing suites via remote connection, you can be with us from all over the world, corona-compliant, without having to be here while editing.

You need a Dolby Vision (HDR) color correction? In addition to a dynamic HDR version of your film, we also deliver an optimized SDR version in an efficient workflow.


You want your commercial to be mixed in 5.1 surround sound as a cinema advertisement? We can offer this standard as well as the current loudness standards for the sound mixing of tv and YouTube formats.


All of our customers receive a password-protected access to approve their films. An intuitive system from for commenting the film.




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