High quality, no "mass production" and the timely completion of the film on the agreed budget are important to us. In this way, we ensure that you end up with a film that you (and your customers) will love to see for many months and years!


... not only our reputation, but above all yours!


We are sure: Because a cheap production can be recognized within a few seconds, even for “non-film experts.” Try it out. The only thing you need is a television. Turn it on and look at e.g. a RTL2 format and compare it with a movie.

RTL2 seems somehow cheap - and that's not just because of the actors, who aren't professional and who have to practice their speaking and acting. It's not just because of the dialogues and bad texts. Somehow the whole picture looks cheap. The light is boringly bright, the sound artificial, the colors flat...


The cinematic film is completely different. A story that is well made-up. Actors who are real actors - how they talk and move - and not just lay actors. The picture is consistent, excitingly illuminated. Solid and well done!

A high quality film is the result of experience, craft, creativity and technology



If you decide to make your own film and get offers from different production companies, you will see that the prices are very different: a film with a length of 1:30 minutes can cost EUR 5,000, but also EUR 50,000.


 We do not produce a film for less than 10,000 euros 

 plus VAT  , because we do not want to compromise on quality - both in terms of conception and production. If a film is very complex, for example because it is shot in the air or under water, we are also at two or three times the price. We would be happy to make you a specific offer as soon as we can quantify the effort after a non-binding preliminary discussion.

Steadicam operator Felix Lang and presenter Alissa Stein at a studio production in Munich

The prices vary as different as the quality. An average TV film production costs EUR 1.5 million. The film "Avatar" with its elaborate 3D animations devoured around 237 million US dollars, "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" even almost 350 million.


There are numerous reasons for the price differences. One of the reasons: the size of the crew. The team is much smaller when you produce an image film than a commercial. In order to produce a professional film, you also need equipment that is much more expensive than cameras or recording devices for private use. If “special” technology is used (drones, helicopters, steadicams), it becomes even more expensive.


... it is far from finished. The film material has to be viewed and edited, the film will be color-corrected , if you wish, according to the Dolby Vision standard, the sound is mixed in a recording studio for TV and online exploitation, voice-overs are provided by a professional speekers. A designer may create additional graphics and titles . And if archive material is used in the film, licenses must be purchased. Rights also have to be paid for the music, which ist expensive for well-known songs. That is why it is sometimes cheaper to have the music written by a composer especially for the film.



A good concept is important and saving money at this point is certainly no good idea. After all, it's like consulting: there are consultants with daily rates of 500 EUR, others charge 3,500 EUR per day. Ultimately, however, it is the experience that makes the difference.

It's the same with film: if the concept isn't good, you may end up with pretty pictures, but nothing more: Hardly anyone really wants to watch the film. Implementing “the special” in film requires experience in developing a strategy, in estimating the production time, in planning and logistics, in the technology and in the quality of the staff.

Conclusion: The expertise must be available for each area, otherwise the quality is not right.

Some examples:


Before the beginning of a production, it is important to consider on which platforms the film can and should be used later. There is a difference between delivering a film or producing it in several versions so that it can also be used (as a short version) for social media ads and still photos for print campaigns.


Experienced productions can estimate working hours very precisely, with less experienced customers often a nasty surprise awaits them in the end. We plan, for example, 2-3 correction loops from the start, because these are simply necessary if you want to take the customer's change requests seriously.


The production effort varies greatly from production to production. If you forget to set up a stopping ban, it can get chaotic. Make sure that this responsibility lies entirely with the production company and that enough time has been calculated and what you can organize yourself.



Yes! And you can be sure that we will not present you an overpriced concept with underwater, helicopter and driving shots for your company if your budget does not allow it and you could also attract attention with another concept.


However, falling below minimum costs will decrease the production value. If a film production company wants to save money to be able to produce a film with a small budget, you can be sure that there is not an experienced director but maybe a young student on the set. Or they leave the conception to the customer.


What initially looks like a win-win situation for the customer and client turns out to be a bad idea: When in the end no viewer is interested in the film and the number of clicks remains low.


The "film production company" is still fine: They will simply reject all accusations by referring to the quality of the great pictures and the fact that in the end they only implemented what you asked for.

Moving, stabilized shots are hard to produce




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