We produce not only beautiful pictures, but also focus on the ustomer benefit.


We ensure that your products or your services can be differentiated better from those of your competitors.

That is why we combine management consulting and film production into a holistic process.


Dr. Daniel Detambel and Constantin Müller


What requirements do you personally have?

On the one hand I've always been a curious person. I have always been interested in the various industries, products and services and have been able to work in the past 20 years of my professional life for more than 1,700 companies and managers as consultant. On the other hand, I gave others the time to tell me something. That may sound trivial, but who still indulges in the luxury of giving the other person time to really listen?

How do you find out what's special?


Not so much if you take a good look - which certainly doesn't hurt. It is much more important to listen carefully to what the "makers" of the product or the provider of the service says about the product. The amazing thing is that you just have to ask the right questions and you get something special delivered "free of charge".



A high-quality film is unique, which means that every film is just as individual as the person, the service or the product we are showing. As soon as one produces routinely films, nobody wants to see them anymore. That such an impression doesn't arise, for us there is no standard concept and no framework that we specify. Because every person, every product, every service is unique. And it is precisely this uniqueness that needs to be captured in images and sound and conveyed to the audience.

Director Constantin Müller and Director of Photography Lars Brauer


Nobody wants to watch more corporate films.


Those films in which the own company or the products are advertised by means of posed scenes, high-gloss backdrops and well-formulated advertising speech. It is no secret that the target group only watches the first and last seconds of those image films and the rest of the film is fast forwarded.


Therefore we develop a dramaturgy to excite the viewer.

We orient ourselves to glossy Netflix productions and international motion pictures.


How do you implement the USP of a company?

Films have to arouse the interest of the target group in a few seconds. And it is not the length which is important, but the content and the quality. In order to attract attention, you need innovative film ideas. In order to achieve this, you must not do it "as always", but always anew.

What do you need for that?

Foremost, I have a constant interest in new topics and a desire to make excellent films. I only work with renowned team members to ensure high quality.

What seperates good from very good films?


We are not satisfied with the fact that our customers like a film, we want the target group to be enthusiastic. A film with a focused communication goal also has a call to action. For example, staying on the website. A lot of experience is required to achieve this, but also a look at current trends - and sometimes good intuition.



A German saying means: "Also if you are hard-working, no longer than 1.30!"

Radio volunteers were confronted with this wisdom more than 10 years ago. The verbal contribution that interrupts the music should not be longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds. Too great is the fear that the topic of the verbal contribution will not meet the interest of the viewer and that he could therefore be tempted to change the radio program.

How long may a film be?

The answer must be: As long as the film is interesting, in other words: As long as the audience continues to watch it with enthusiasm! Length is a very subjective perception! There are films where 10 minutes seem to be seconds. And there are films where 2 minutes seem like 20 minutes. As I said: length is relative! However, with our films, you should expect a length of between 10 seconds and 1.30 minutes.

Director Constantin Müller and Director of Photography Martin Leitsch

Commercial: Experience History
Werbefilm: "Geschichte erleben"


For a stackfilm we use a special camera technology

...that fulfills the viewing habits of today's viewers. It is a technology that is modeled on the movements of human eyes. Our eyes do not always fixate the same point “for minutes”, they are in motion.

We imitate this movement and create authenticity! Moving pictures are created that move the emotion of the viewer.

Anyone younger than 40 years old, grew up watching music TV channels like VIVA and MTV. And these stations made the fast cut popular. Instead of long shots, the angles of the camera, the cuts change quickly. It is commonly known that the viewer will stay interested when a lot of information is offered to the eye.

Shooting of an action sequence




Highspeed, camera robots, Steadicam, underwater or helicopter shots? We have done it all. And we knpw the best operators for this. Because we don't want to limit our creativity through technical limits.

We also use our own special vehicle with a stabilized camera and produce highspeed recordings up to 2000 frames per second.


         We focus on each picture. 

         The lighting mood, sounds 

         and music, the location 

         and equipment have to 

         match to the desired emotion. 


But we are not only enthusiastic about technology, above all we know how to use it, to serve the desired message and the unique content.




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